MuOnline LandOfChaos

Hello MUTizens,


here's we want to share some major info and a little reminder who we are, and what we're doing.


Few words about Land Of Chaos,


Every guide, info and much more is written on forums in a specified category, as we're planning this will be PVP/Non-Res server with balanced gameplay and drop, every loot will be priceless for our character growth and the most important thing the gameplay will be dynamic as we're giving you a massive amount of invasions, events, and items.


Land Of Chaos is classic server project, without any pay-to-win system, without webshop or massive buffs. This is a project for everyone who loves MUOnline so much as we do. Project for peoples which don't have time to spend night in-game and for active players which love to play this game as much as it's possible. The most important thing in Land Of Chaos it's to be ready for various events which are coming to our MUWorld every few minutes. The most important and succesfull way to growth is to be involved when we're online in-game.


Beta will be ready soon,


We're planning to run open-beta really soon. We've made major changes to game-server, all rates are still in development same like events, invasions or rewards but we're going forward. Next step is to set-up common configuration like Event times, and in-game Events rewards then we can go on with tests.


Beta-points will be available just after that, what's this?


Beta points are contribution points that you earn by involving yourself during the beta, visit our forums to post reports/suggestions to earn more points. You can see your beta-points under your profile display or in profile settings. Beta-points can be given only by the administration for testing, writing guides, suggestions, bugs and much more. Every work contributed to the game-server will be rewarded. The beta will be done just once so the pre-rewards will be unique and balanced. In addition to the rewards that we will not reveal now every Beta-tester who will gain minimum amount of 500 points will be rewarded with unique BETA-Tester rank on forums and special profile badge for ever.




See you soon!


Added on : 03 / Nov / 2018 , 01:10 PM
MuOnline LandOfChaos



as we said before, we want to make shields more "special" and usable in-game. To increase the shields rarity we've added custom option add system (same like 380lv. option add). Warning! This is not the only 380lv. items mix, you can put any shield you want into Chaos Machine, so this can be Small Shield, Horn, Salamander or even this most powerful.


Some peoples will say, that's the great buff for classes like Blade Knight, Soul Master, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord but believe me - it's not. Class are balanced, every class is unique and every stat matter. That's not only one buff and remember that if someone wants to wear shield - it need to leave another weapon.


Additional, special options are not so powerful but still, the most active and informed players will add this into shields.


Of course, we'll need Chaos Machine and 3-rd Item Option Mix, but it's not so easy anyway.


Chaos Machine Shields Hardening required items:


Jewel Of Guardian - 1X

Jewel Of Harmony - 1X

10 000 000 Zen

Any Shield +4 +4 minimum


Chances for Hardening: 50%


Special Options to gain:


Defense success rate increase: +50 pts

Max HP increase +250 HP



Added on : 16 / Oct / 2018 , 09:26 AM
MuOnline LandOfChaos

Hello MUTizens,


after discussions about shields config and after changing almost every rate on our server we came to the conclusion that shields should be downgraded into the original state but... 


we've made some other, small but valuable changes that make shields more powerful and original.


Mainly all the shields come back to normal, global config, so we've downgraded unique options like additional Defense Success Rate, Reflect, HP and more but from lack of conviction to original state of these items we've made a power-up by increasing original rates like Defense and Defense Success Rate by 25%.


The power-up is visible in-game without any additional lines in item info, but all the config is synchronized so rates in-game are same like rates in the real server config.


Hope you like that change,
If you've got any ideas, you're welcome with suggestions.



Added on : 05 / Oct / 2018 , 07:55 AM
MuOnline LandOfChaos

Dear MUTizens,


for this moment the new website is available. What is new there?


Most important change is that whole interactive and possible helpful tools and functions are available in-game, so we don't want to double modules like "Extra Warehouse", "Market" and more things that are actually pretty destructive for community (players on forums, in-game chat) and for security (we've found a couple of bugs which are still not fixed like dupes and items disappearing) so in this state, most of "transfer" or "trade" modules on the website will be turned off to avoid critical bugs or more.


But wait...


There'll be available couple of great features which can help us only via the website, like Rankings and rewards for "Weekly Rankings", "Referrals System", "Event Timer" and more personal modules like "Hide Info", "Name Changer" or "Class Changer". 


A website will be still an official news and updates source, like forums and launcher RSS, so everything will be updated here and all data will be legit. Most important thing is that the website will be only one place when we can register accounts.


For this moment website is fully working, there are just a couple things to fix.


Hope you like the fact that most of the key-functions will be in-game.


Added on : 26 / Sep / 2018 , 07:28 AM