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Function: Elite Monsters

Hello warrior's. We would like to introduce you guys new elite monsters in Land of Chaos. The old enemy gets bigger and stronger. You can find them begin from Lorencia up to Crywolf. There is no chance to miss them out.They look scary, and it may be a little challenge to beat them but there is a great prize awaits for the dummies.

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Posted 10 / 04 / 2018

New Archangel Weaponry

Hello, most of you know that we were working in latest edition on Divine Weapons for every class. For this moment everything is working fine so adding new Blade for Magic Gladiator, Bow for Elf and Glove for Rage Fighter was successfully done...

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Posted 10 / 04 / 2018

Miner Goblin Hunting (Ore)

Greetings Mu Lovers, "Mining Hunt System" is another addition to the active part of the community, which will allow us to get some extra stones for... a little bit of activity, and more specifically for exploring subsequent maps. On every map, apart from Icarus, Kalima and Event maps...

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Posted 20 / 03 / 2018

New vision, new changes

As you can see, we're still working on the website, forums and for sure - with our game server. Some time ago we've got an new update but unfortunately, update introduced a lot of other problems that could destroy the game. Of course, everything is fine for this moment and we're still...

  • Fixed problems with custom NPC's - they shouldn't make disconnects anymore
  • Fixed problems with Third Wings Mix - when mix is failed, items are disapeared
  • Fixed Offline Mode - some SkillTree skills don't work correctly, everything fine now
  • Fixed Party Search occasional disconnect and crash GS - fully fixed
  • Fixed new Bows and CrossBows support - now we can add some good stuff
  • Fixed MGBonusDefense - bad formula latest time, now MG is fully configurable and stable
  • Fixed Moss Marechant location - now with configuration file - sometimes he was un-clickable, now it's ok
  • Some small but important fixes in server files was made, to improve stability

Here you can find some new things about latest update and our server status:

  • Added full support for Rage Fighter Gauntlets - now we can add some AA Gauntlets, what do you think?
  • Added Monster Spawn Custom - new events, spawning monsters from books etc. alot of fun
  • Added Buff Icon System - now every buffs are supported and will be showing on the top-left in-game!
  • Added Crafting everywhere - run Chaos Machine from everywhere (new User Control Panel function)
  • New recoded User Control Panel - faster, better and more flexible
  • New Offline Mode Restore System - reconnect automatically when account is disconnected with no reason
  • New Quest System - you can get additional Points (into stats) for doing Quests - more info. soon

Some disabled things:

  • Reset System - no need anymore
  • Grand Reset System - same here, we're doing other stuff
  • Chaos Reset Token - yeah... love you all but nope, not for now :)

Wait for more informations soon, we've got alot of work to totally re-configure the server type into PVP.

New changelog about that what changes we made in-game will be available soon. Follow us on forums, join, test and more. We want to make everyone happy so every discussion here will be great.

With Love,


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Posted 20 / 03 / 2018

New Launcher!

Hello Mutizens, brand new game Launcher is now available in Download category on forums. What's new in this launcher? New, unique LOC design, it's simply and clean. RSS Feed (Most important topics) from our forums. Better stability - no more stuck when...



Hope everyone like it.


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Posted 20 / 03 / 2018
Currently this is only one server.